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Welcome to the World of Signal Flags

Want a SMART way to learn Signal Flags?
mvSigFlags is a powerful new educational tool designed to help you quickly learn the International Signal Flags and their Meanings. An innovative Hinting system helps fix the relations in your mind, while a state-of-the-art flashcard tool makes it easy to focus on the correct information.
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Want a CLEVER way to send Signal Flag messages?
nautiMessage is a unique app that allows you to send coded signal flag messages to friends. Simply enter your message and it is automatically converted into the corresponding Signal Flags that you can then copy and paste in a text message or an email. Our website will even decode the message.
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Want an EASY way to get some really cool Signal Flag gear?
Our unique nautiMessage gear displays authentic Signal Flags and their actual meanings from the International Code of Signals. Shop our store for great products like shirts, caps, puzzles, and mugs, all containing witty expressions. They are great gifts for sailors, boaters, and all your “nauti” friends.
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mvSigFlags is the smart way to learn